DIY Real Estate


Not sure whether to use the DIY sales approach? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

Of course you can sell your house privately, many people do. The fact is though, most people who set out to sell a property privately end up becoming frustrated with the process and hand the sale over to a real estate agent. And the determined few who persevere with the private sale are often left wondering “how much might the sale have realised with a well-designed and professional marketing strategy?”

How do I prepare my property?

How do I deal with potential buyers?

How do I negotiate a sale price?

Our DIY sales kit is packed with information to help you address these questions and we're always available to help you and offer expert advice.

There are a number of contributing factors. Private sellers rarely know how to get the right advertising exposure for a property meaning many potential buyers don't even know it's for sale. Private sellers have trouble estimating the market value of their property.

DIY Real Estate™ is run by real estate professionals. When it comes to advertising, we know what works.... and what doesn't. We can give you access to very effective trade-only advertising avenues. An efficient and effective advertising strategy can reach all potential buyers and save the seller (YOU) thousands of $$$$$. Our assistance with the design and layout of your advertising helps to ensure that it reaches the target audience.

An agent would charge around $15,000 + GST + advertising, + sign board + web marketing totalling up to just under $20,0000.

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It's a WIN WIN situation with DIY Real Estate™ or Real Value Properties!

There is no easy answer to this question. Your strategy will depend on the circumstances. It is crucial that you have an effective negotiating strategy to guide you.

DIY Real Estate™ offers real-time advice in these circumstances. Just put the buyer on hold and call us for some expert advice!